Labor Day Labors

We’ve spent the weekend so far in multiple projects around Chez C.

We buried our dear little Basil bunny and built a new garden bed in memory of him: we’ve put in a last season’s planting of basil, swiss chard, bok choy, kale, radishes, and peas.

The pear harvest has begun! The deer graciously and inexplicably left most of the pears alone, so we’ve got a bumper crop from our two trees.

We dug into the hillside by the walkout in order to make a small fireplace/pit. We still have to place flagstones around the perimeter, but we’ve already fired it up with gusto and it’s perfect.

We transplanted a number of ferns, trees, and new plants from Bainbridge Gardens:

A little collection of natives: dryas octopetala.

Another native that I nestled at the base of a re-potted Japanese maple: yerba buena, an incredibly fragrant trailing herb that we can use for tea if we want. Right now, its aesthetic value outweighs its potential gustatory value. If it turns out to be quite vigorous, I’ll combine it with mint leaves and steep a lovely winter tea.


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Labors

    • Hi Molly! There’s something about competing with wild creatures for food (like my pears) that makes it all the more delicious. Foraging rather than cultivating, or some combination of the two. First cultivating and hoping, then foraging and feeling triumphant.

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