Camping trip to Crater Lake

I rarely find such sweet concoctions enticing, but I have to show you this:

Gluten-free, dairy-free, absolutely delicious s’mores. The graham crackers are Kinnikinnik’s, regular (but perfectly toasted!) marshmallow, and the chocolate is Green and Black’s Maya Gold (orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla-infused dark chocolate).

We spent the first afternoon and night at Diamond Lake, just a bit north of Crater Lake. Thick with mosquitos but otherwise lovely.

Crater Lake, just as astoundingly blue and beautiful as I remember it. My family went on an Oregon camping trip when I was around 10, visiting Crater Lake among other sites. I’m fairly certain we didn’t go down to the lake, although Cleetwood Cove trail was established in 1960.

I took this shot from the shore of Wizard Island, after being dropped off for a few hours of hiking, lunching, and swimming. (Summer surface temp: 55 degrees, which is exactly the average summer surface temp of Puget Sound waters.) The kiddos all swam in the cold, clear, blue water. S. herself started to take on qualities of the lake by the time she was done swimming (cold, blue, etc.) I was content with dangling my legs and doing a pilates session on the sunny dock–happiness!

Wizard Island is populated with a tame crew of golden-mantled ground squirrels, who are cheeky and very fast. One young one darted in and tried to make off with a banana peel during lunch, while others edged closer and closer, pawing at lunchsacks and chirping for backup when they realized there were crumb-dropping kids in the group.

The boat tour let us see some of the crater formations and lake from different perspectives.

In August, this little waterfall is still snowmelt from the rim of the crater. There are no tributaries into the lake.

Such a beautiful color.

Even though Monday was sunny and warm, Tuesday evening brought lightning, pelting rain, and then ice cube-sized hail. We broke camp during the switch from rain to hail and drove down Mount Mazama in unreal fog, snow, and rain, thunder clapping every few moments. Awe-provoking place.

6 thoughts on “Camping trip to Crater Lake

    • Hi, Jenny! It’s a good thing mosquitos and dust don’t photograph well, or you might have been privy to the underside of this trip. 🙂

  1. Mmmm, how I wish I were eating those s’mores now! Maya Gold is my favorite dark chocolate at the moment, but I have yet to try it in a s’more combo.

    I vaguely remember going to Crater Lake on one of the road trips our families took together, but I only remember it from a distance. I think I bought a hummingbird t-shirt at the gift shop there. The color of the water is even more beautiful than I remember.

    • Hi, Amber! Yes!–I think we took that trip together. I was thinking of you as I ate that delicious s’more, actually. 🙂

  2. We took a family trip to Crater Lake when I was about 10 also. It still lives in my memory as one of the most beautiful sites on earth. Glad you’re having a great time – misquitos & all. 🙂

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