Signs and semiotics

This sign is posted outside a motel in rural Oregon. With a little punctuation, it could spell out a number of different things.

Please do not back in, manager! (Apparently, the manager has a bad habit and possibly a history of poor depth perception.)

Please do! Not back in, manager. (The latest in a passive-aggressive campaign against the employees with sticky fingers and an open cash till?)

Please do not [spit loogies onto the sidewalk outside your room. Although that would be slightly better than the carpet, come to think of it. Try the sink?] Back in [5 minutes, the time it will take me to hose the sidewalks down.] –[The only slightly put-out] Manager. (This wouldn’t all fit on the sign, and in trying to pare it down, the manager was taken with a fit of over-zealous editing.)

Please do not back in. –Manager. (Oh, alright.)

2 thoughts on “Signs and semiotics

  1. This reminds me of the first time I read Eats Shoots and Leaves. I was on an airplane with Nathan and I started laughing out loud. He wanted to know what I was reading and I explained it was a grammar book. He just shook his head in confusion, wondering how his poor wife could possibly find she amusement in a book about spelling and punctuation.

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