What to do on a rainy Saturday in August?

1. Take an almost-birthday-girl to the bead shop in Poulsbo to make earrings!

2. Let all the pretty, shiny beads send you into Crow Mode.

3. Make a necklace!

4. Cut the herbs flourishing around the yarden (I’m sure I’m not the first to coin this neologism, but it just occurred to me and isn’t it perfect for someone who wants to turn more of their landscape into edibles?).

5. Arrange them in the food dehydrator (because after all, it’s humid and raining).

6. Be delighted by the aroma of drying oregano (that’s what’s on the top tray, flowers and all!), chives, and basil.

7. Wake up the next morning to the sound of rain again and feel happiness.

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