Reflection, 2nd quarter

When 2 of every 3 papers I have to write are “Reflection” assignments, the very word reflection has taken on a loathsome tinge. A case of familiarity breeding contempt? Perhaps. Nonetheless, I find an inquiry into the etymology of the word to be useful. Reflection comes from the Latin root reflexionem, to flex. To bend backward. To stretch. So, to stretch again.

On the MIT program: I’m feeling significantly less stress re: keeping up with readings and writing the papers this quarter. I’ve acclimated to the demands, and also figured out how long it takes me to get through readings and draft papers. Basically, it takes me 1-3 minutes to read and annotate one page of academic text, and it takes me two hours to write one polished page.

On living a balanced life:
I just heard “A Good Heart”, a new song from Cowboy Junkies that I am absolutely in love with. I want to do a version of this with extended cello and piano. Someday?

On downtime and breathing space: 3 energetic kids, a continual bubbling stream of houseguests, the nature of my program, and significant commuting time all provide lots of opportunities for me to practice being zen.

2 thoughts on “Reflection, 2nd quarter

  1. Good song choice. The bass is such a prominent instrument in that song. Do you hear that as cello parts, or is it largely the string melody that you want to play?

    I love Cicadas also.

    • Hi Raja! Well, no surprise: I love Cicadas too.

      And as for the cello, yes, I would love to map out the bass part and have the cello take that as well as the cello part that soars out in the recording. Have you been playing around with it on the guitar?

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