Around the July garden

A study in miniatures:

Miniscule mycelium

These broad beans get big fast, but yesterday I found some young triplets with their blossoms still wilted around their ends.

Up on the sunny slope, my pork-n-beans succulent is sending up little volunteers everywhere. Last spring, my neighbor K. gave me a handful and now there’s tiny happy bulbous life all over the place.

The garden bed above the outside dining room has been a great favorite with the deer and the slugs. One or the other took all the mini roses down to bare twigs this spring–but this one had just enough wherewithal to bloom. (Also, my example to you of why sometimes pink is perfect!)

3 thoughts on “Around the July garden

  1. Its really amazing how flowers blooms! Miniscule mycelium are fungi that can spread though the body of a dead fly; or it can rank among the largest, heaviest and oldest living things on the planet. Mushroom is the best example for that! I like your pink roses!

  2. Those are really wonderful blooms there! I would love to see my roses bloom like those in the future. I just planted them last month and still I can’t see anything like this! Thanks for sharing these photos. And for Rose Gold, thanks for the information. I didn’t know that really! LOL

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