CSA neophytes

Persephone Farm’s season is underway; Wednesday we picked up our first box of produce and flowers:

The goal is to not waste anything from our share (of course!)–so we’ll be learning how to cook/prepare seasonal produce in enough different ways so that we don’t tire of eating it.

Wednesday’s dinner salad was spring greens and herbs, grilled chicken, red grapes, almonds, and sesame-ginger dressing.

Tonight’s salad: Pea shoots, red sails lettuce, and mixed spring greens and herbs. Garlic-chili sauteed shrimp and corn, avocado. A simple vinaigrette.

Tomorrow’s soup: potato leek.

Off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “CSA neophytes

  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! I love to hear about what you are making with your CSA items. Our CSA starts Tuesday and I can’t wait! I am putting most of the cooking responsibility on Darrell because he seems to come up with food combinations that I never would have thought of.

    • You both are handy-dandy in the kitchen, aren’t you? Or on the grill, too.
      And I know!–the flowers are really pretty!

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