Nettles, beans, and berries

Down the street and a little way into the woods, you’ll find a beautifully expansive patch of stinging nettles. (I became intimately acquainted with them last year, when I was helping a neighbor dump grass clippings on the poor beasties, trying to smother them to death. Note: they will get you through your socks.)

Hardy and wise to our ways, these nettles are now on the late side for harvesting, but I was determined to best them–gather, wash, cut, and boil in a nice stock. Yes, we had stinging nettle soup a few nights ago. Only one of us gagged. The rest of us felt giddy at the piquant green flavor, toothy kale-like texture, and abundant nutritive qualities of our soup.

On another note, my favas are flowering, and I had no idea their flowers were so beautiful!

And the salmon berries are ripening. It seems too cool and early, but there’s a large flush of them all ready for the picking, or for the deer.


2 thoughts on “Nettles, beans, and berries

  1. Oh! I want to harvest the nettles up Stewart Falls! I hear that nettle fritters are incredible. What an inspiring late spring post!

    • Hi Geo! Nettle fritters, huh? That might disguise them enough for even my gag-happy girl. And I want to hear all about it if you do go nettling up Stewart Falls!

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