Week 5 Reflection

So, five weeks of grad school completed. Four papers, 50 ferry trips, and 4 black ink cartridges later, here’s the lay of the land:

Reading/Writing for the program:
I’ve been spending 1 1/2 hours in the morning + 30 minutes on the ferry, then another 30 minutes on the return ferry and 1 hour after dinner. Those 3.5 hours plus 2-3 hours in class per day = 5-6.5 hours/day spent in schoolwork.

Ways in which family culture has changed:
1. The kids’ homework is now done after dinner, rather than in the afternoons. I actually think this was ripening to happen soon, anyway, with the kids getting older and doing more afternoon activities. Pros: Both B. and I are here to field questions and keep drifters on task. Con: Bedtimes have crept a bit later.

2. Partly because of the late bedtimes, I haven’t been reading out loud to the kids as part of the evening routine. I intend to reinstate this, pronto.

3. I instated formal cuddle time before bedtime for the girls because they were missing physical affection.

Notes on Food:
1. Friday pizza night has morphed into gluten-free friendly taco nights.

2. An only slightly guiltily whispered admission: I have decided to use paper plates and dixie cups for all meals except for Sunday Brunch, Sunday dinner, and meals with guests. The kiddos just aren’t old enough to keep up with the dishes they use, and with my time at a premium, something’s gotta go.

Final notes:
1. No family illnesses have complicated things during the past 5 weeks. (Knock on wood)
2. Tomorrow is the start of yet another new schedule for me; I’ll leave the house at 6am every morning for the next 2 weeks. We’ll see what kind of fun that brings! 🙂


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