Sheep sorrel salad

My classmate A.H., forager extraordinaire, brought me some sheep sorrel the other day so I could sample and identify it. The little arrow-shaped leaves taste like kiwi and lemon (exquisite!). On Sunday evening, I went out to weed a bit in the front yard, and after pulling up weed after weed (there are these aggressive little ones with a red-lined stem and arrow-shaped leaves…) I realized what I have here.

They made a most delectable chicken-spinach-sorrel salad!

2 thoughts on “Sheep sorrel salad

  1. I’ve seen sheep sorrel all over, but I wasn’t aware that it was edible or delicious. I’m so excited to try it! Thanks for posting. Always looking for new, interesting salads, and this one looks exquisite.

    • Hi Molly! I’m glad to share Ann’s wealth of knowledge–and I think next I’ll try sorrel in fresh Thai spring rolls.

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