Happy kids, happy cukes

K’s recent birthday:

Here we have Kirsten’s new clothes and K’s new watch–Danke to the grandparents!

You know your kid is growing up when she’s more excited about henna tattoos than birthday cake–I made some mini gingersnap ice cream sandwiches (gluten-free) that were gone in 2 seconds.

And here’s S playing lacrosse out in Marymoor–she’s getting better with every game, and it’s really fun to see how fast she zips up and down the field. It still makes me laugh every time she catches the ball and her coaches yell, “Cradle! Cradle!”

And here we have a scene from later that Saturday, almost to the ferry with a broken-down vehicle and not-so-happy kids. My frame of mind when I see that A’s lying on the sidewalk: well, at least he has his hood on, lol.

And S. on her way to Outdoor Ed, true to character and full of vim:

Oh, I almost forgot the cucumbers! We had falafel night for dinner last night, and I found the cucumber half frozen. When I sliced it, I saw these little faces. Not quite Jesus on a potato chip, but pretty darn cute:


4 thoughts on “Happy kids, happy cukes

  1. “I’d like to bear my testimony of the truthfulness of happy cucumbers.” ๐Ÿ™‚ How inspiring!

    And I’d love your falafel recipe. Do you make them from scratch, or do you buy them pre-made? (I’ve heard Trader Joe’s has good falafel.)

    • Hi Brooke! I make them from a mix (the brand is Fantastic World Foods)–you can buy it in boxes from Safeway, or it’s also in the bulk section at T&C. Super easy, just add water, form into falafel balls, brush with olive oil, and broil. I use this one because there’s no wheat as filler.

  2. I love the pics! I can’t believe they are growing up so fast but so fun to watch. It was so fun to watch Sophie play lacrosse. I thought she was great before! Happy Birthday to Kate, I can’t believe she is already 12. I love the pic of the kids on the sidewalk and Aidan laying on the ground. ๐Ÿ™‚ We miss you guys!

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