I went to the Calder exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum and I got a sense of the scale on which he worked–from minute jewelry creations to huge installations, his playfulness and genius is really palpable when you’re in close physical range.

But my favorite of all is the black and white photo gallery of Imogen Cunningham‘s work.

The Unmade Bed

And my made bed with my grandma-made quilt.

I’ve been thinking of Karen Maezen Miller’s great couplet: The state of your bed is the state of your head.

Also, I realized some time ago when I was reading A Midwife’s Tale that back in the 1700s when people got sick more often and stayed sick longer, a made bed was a sign that no one was sick in the household; a tidy expansive symbol that all was well.

5 thoughts on “Made/Unmade

  1. How is it that I did not know your blog until now? Talk about a blind spot. Yeesh!

    I LOVE Calder. Deeply, truly. And I LOVE that Imogen. Maybe even more deeply. What a treat. And I think your grandma quilt photo is beautiful.

    Oh, now I want to MAKE something!

    You are lovely.

  2. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich is one of my deeply private favorite authors (if that makes sense). The things she writes affect me in ways that I don’t want to share with a book group; I prefer to mull them over in the quiet corners of my mind. Have you read All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir? If not, I’ll loan it to you. It is the book that, years ago, convinced me that I couldn’t be fully happy unless I was writing.

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