Point White on Saturday.

S. stretching at the Sakai salmon stream on Sunday.

I’ve been larking about in the sunshine for the past few days, mowing the lawn, taking scooter rides, walking a lot, planted fava beans yesterday. Thoughts of cutting the old AD dose down flitted through my mind. But then today dawned gray and rainy, and I was hard pressed to do anything at all except read.

I’m still engaged in a sort of cultivation, I guess–winnowing a textbook on argument and rhetoric down to useful bits. But I still feel a sunless sort of malaise.

Tease ease tea
teas ate eat eats
sat set seat –yep, that’s my day in a nutshell.

4 thoughts on “Tease

  1. Hi Wendy! Well I did see sunshine for a second today, just as I was heading into the SAM. Oh, and then it winked at me again driving home from the grocery store. Terrible flirt.

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