In debt in two acts

Act I

Setting: Two-story house with child’s bedroom directly above music room.

Scene 1: Mercurial and unhappy child stomps her way up to her room. She continues stomping and ranting, and eventually the stomping begins to rattle the light fixture in the music room. Light fixture crashes down on grand piano and shatters. Shards and glass dust settle over everything.

Scene 2: Papa reacts accordingly. Mama, away from home, gets a call.

Scene 3: Papa brings in the shop vac and goes to. Mama, now at home, finds the cello in the living room. She sits down with her bow and music and plays.

Act II

Setting: Same as Act I

Scene 1: Mama and Papa talk with their child, now subdued and sorry. They make a list of jobs to cure the debt. It’s a very long list, and they can look forward to a clean fridge, vacuumed cars, weeded garden, clean bunny hutch, sparkling windows, etc. for a long time to come.

4 thoughts on “In debt in two acts

  1. You write the experience with such a seemingly calm demeanor…..which makes you either a saint, or a really good writer, or both. I would have a hoarse voice and only bad words running through my mind after that. haha

  2. Well, I did have the advantage of getting the news broken to me over the phone. There’s no telling if yelling went on without me. 🙂

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