Rock Island on Bainbridge Island

If you’re anything like us, you harbor a great fondness for the following:

folk music (in general)
Seattle’s KEXP (to be specific)
railroads (yeah, in general)
and singing in the car (most of the time)

So a couple of weeks ago, the kids and I were listening to KEXP’s show “The Roadhouse”, which features traditional American folk and blues, and we were delighted by this song that kept getting different treatments from Leadbelly to John Lennon. Some of the lyrics were slow and some were so fast that we kept going, “What? oh yeah, I know this part–fooled YA! fooled YA!”

It’s got the alphabet, it’s got livestock, it’s got railroad–what’s not to love for a kid? It’s got mandolin potential, it’s got subversive lyrics, it’s got a great history–what’s not to love for me?


Stan Freberg

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