*For the adventurous eaters in S’s 4th grade class who were excited by my modest veggie plate at the pre-Thanksgiving feast today–the red peppers and nasturtiums went fast.

*For the curious kid who wanted to find Singapore. I took a look at the classroom globe with him, and now I know some easy directions: Find China. Put your finger in the middle of the country, and go straight down to the equator. There’s Singapore!

*For my two grade-schoolers who run up the porch steps and give me hugs after school.

*For the stuff that’s still blooming in my yard.

*For the fact that right now, no one in the family has a cough, fever, sore throat, stomach ache or headache (finding some wood to knock on).

*For possibilities and opportunities to re-invent myself.

*For a six-year-old who really believes that the tooth fairy got tripped up on Legos last night and that’s why his tooth was still under his pillow this morning.


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