Sunday morning hallelujah

Laid up in bed with the flu and flying around the world with my laptop.

gurinderosan's picture sikkim

Gurinder Osan Copyright 2009 AP

I was reading the print version (per our Sunday Luddite ritual of morning paper in bed, sections strewn across the duvet and ink blacking my fingers) of Pacific Northwest magazine and found this short travel article on Sikkim, India alluring, intriguing, inspiring. I think most of it is due to the photo, which was taken by AP photographer Gurinder Osan, who specializes in social documentary photography. His perspective reminds me of the best National Geographic photography, which I grew up poring over. A little web searching brought me to his 2005 photo of Kashmir earthquake survivors, with its breathtaking composition and beauty amidst such suffering.

gurinderosan's photo1

Gurinder Osan Copyright 2005 AP

The Arts and Life section has a piece on Rufus Wainwright, who’s playing tonight at Benaroya Hall–and that brought us to listening to his cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Just beautiful.

And then the even more beautiful version by Jeff Buckley: I could listen to this a million times and still get my heart broken and uplifted all in the same song.

Here’s the link.

And finally, Imogen Heap’s version.

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning hallelujah

  1. #1 – I love how you confess your Luddite tendencies on your blog. 🙂

    #2 – I LOVE Leonard Cohen, but that Jeff Buckley version was amazing.

    #3 – I think I need to subscribe to the paper again. I just wish I could pick and choose what parts were delivered to my door. I hate that I end up immediately tossing half the stack of papers (the ads, the Sports section, that “Entertainment” magazine – Parade, I think…) into the recycle bin.

  2. Hi Brooke! Another confession: we only subscribe to the paper because B. insists on it. It sometimes has a second life as a basis for all sorts of random projects like papier mache or spelling assignments, but mainly it ends up tossed in the recycle bin, 2/3 of the way read (B. does read the sports section–comes in handy for conversing with patients, I think).

    And I’m glad you like the Jeff Buckley. You can hear Nina Simone’s influence at the end there.

  3. I first heard “Hallelujah” on the soundtrack to the movie Saint Ralph, performed by Gordon Downie. Love the song, and have to agree that the Buckley version is one of the best, but I still like the way Gord Downie’s version mixes into the cinematography of the movie.

  4. Hi Scott! Your comment sent me on a little websearch that ended with listening to Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip–thanks for the inspiration. And “Hallelujah” is supple and poetic enough to thrive on endless interpretation and reinvention, don’t you think?

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