A place to grade papers

Yesterday I practiced grading some papers; that is, I read through essays high school students had written and scored them according to the 6 + 1 traits. This system attempts to make the process more uniform and less subjective than it has traditionally been, and I found it a natural and easy way to make my way through the papers. I’ll find out on Tuesday what the papers actually earned (the essays were from standardized test prompts), and we’ll see if I’m a cranky ogre in need of reform or an old softie inclined to go easy.

Because this was the first time I have actually sat down to grade student essays, I wanted to establish a habit of being completely present for the reading and scoring. I think working from home can be very convenient and constructive for some projects, but for grading and commenting on papers, I want to be away from homespace. I went to the library and set up in a carrell, which worked perfectly for my purposes. I read the papers all in one go, with no distractions, which is one way I think teachers can try to control for the subjectivity inherent in scoring essays.

4 thoughts on “A place to grade papers

  1. Because grading is completely subjective with essays, I would have a very hard time doing what you are…the students will be lucky to have you since you are concerned about keeping the scoring system consistent. Good job.

  2. Hi Suzanne! I learned what the essays really earned today in class…and I’m right on the money, for the most part. That’s good, because I think giving grades will be one of my least favorite parts of teaching.

  3. I hate grading any kind of essays. I use my rubrics to try and make it less subjective but it is the hardest thing I grade. Thankfully as an elementary teacher I don’t have to grade class after class of essays. I’d much rather grade math. 🙂

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