Campus crush

Crush of students, crushed rose petals perfuming the path, my crush on the physical campus of UW growing with every visit.

Having traipsed my shivering way through the city today, I think I’ll document how lovely my past couple of afternoons at the university have been.


Lunch outside the Guggenheim building, with rose-scented breezes and chatting students strolling around the grand fountain. Almost ideal. I’m trying to find the perfect yogurt, and this greek-style is good until you read the fat content. By Zeus, the stuff has 17 grams. Cannery Row, on the other hand, is fat-free with lots of pith and fiber for the old noggin to chew on.



2 thoughts on “Campus crush

  1. I am also very much enjoying Cannery Row. See you Thursday?

    And I FIRMLY believe that the only calories/fat grams that matter are the ones that don’t taste fabulous. Because if the taste of something can transport you to a higher state of consciousness (which some certain Greek yogurts can do!), then WHO CARES how much fat they have??

    I think Buddha said (somewhere, in some long-forgotten text), “You can not achieve nirvana on a low-fat diet.” Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote.

  2. Lol, Brooke! I’m not going to be there at the book group, but I’m really sad to miss it. Enjoy Sharon’s bounty for me!

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