Stretch Island

Yesterday we visited some friends who live on Stretch Island, about an hour’s drive away. They live amidst acres of Eden: grapes, hazelnuts, pears, and a late flush of flowers everywhere. The kids got to cut the grapes off the vine and sit on shoulders to pick the Bosc pears.


These grapes are a variety bred especially for Stretch Island, called Island Belle. There’s a fascinating history of them here. I’m going to put my steamer-juicer to work, and we’ll have gorgeous grape juice in no time at all.




You have to be careful around friends like V. I exclaimed in delight over her delicate October blooms here and she promptly dug up an armful for me. These are Kaffir lilies, and now I’ve got some of V’s blooming in my yard. They’re in glad company with some of her rosemary, yellow lilacs, and sage I’m rooting in.

2 thoughts on “Stretch Island

  1. It’s due west of Gig Harbor, Jenny. If you zoom out a ways on the map, you’ll see how we drove there. And I had that thought about kayaking too! It’s quite a sheltered little island, so kayaking nearly any time would be a great way to explore around there.

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