Of Mountains and Molehills

Now that I’m climbing some metaphorical mountains in my life, it turns out that the mundane details also rise up into greater relief. Perfect fodder for blogging, right? 🙂 Stuff like dinner has to be thought out and planned for in advance, and I’m interested in seeing how our diet changes as I’m away from home more. I’m also interested in how the housework tedium gets allocated, and how much of it the kids (11, 9, 5) can take on.

But for now, just a quick post documenting this week’s dinner menu and responsible parties.

Monday: panini night (kids eat before B. and I do because he works late Mondays)–I manned the panini press.

Tues: crockpot spaghetti sauce (I put it together before heading to Seattle for the day). B. cooked the pasta and garlic bread when he came home.

Wednesday: chili (leftover from a big Sunday pot of chili–thanks for the Sunday soup idea, Adam Gopnik!) and homemade applesauce. That one was kinda everyone heating up as much as they wanted.

Thursday: crockpot Thai coconut curry (I just put it together, never having done it in the crockpot before. We’ll hope for the best.)
1 can light coconut milk
some water
some brown rice
2 tsp red curry paste
2 tsp condensed chicken stock
potatoes (lots of those baby ones from the garden)
green beans

Friday: pizza and salad night. B. makes the pizzas, I make the salad.


4 thoughts on “Of Mountains and Molehills

  1. Let’s see, I’ll be over on Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday sounds good, but wait…so does Thursday and Friday! I love hearing what other people are making for dinner. It helps get my creative juices flowing. It was leftover/clean out the fridge night for us!

  2. Hi Jenny! We call that hodge-podge night around here, and to tell the truth, last night was hodge-podge night for us too. The crockpot curry just turned to mush. By golly, I’m gonna figure out what can be done in a crockpot and what can’t!

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