Sigh, Mount Si

I’ll climb you again another day. We started out about 2pm this afternoon, with beautiful hiking weather (high 60s and overcast skies) and full water bottles.

One member of the posse just wasn’t up to the full climb, so we made it almost to the 2-mile mark before turning around and heading down again. The trail is only 4 miles long, up all the way, and really well-used by the friendliest hikers I’ve ever encountered.

One gentleman coming down as we were just starting out asked me if we were headed to the top with all three kids. “Yep. We’ll see if we make it,” I told him. He laughed gently, the kind of laugh that a gentleman with two hiking poles, Austrian hiking shorts and an Alpenclimber hat gives. “I’ve been on the trail since morning. Good luck!”

We’ll save some of that luck and use it again soon.

I didn’t take any great photos during the hike, but I think the way eyeglasses refract images is cool.



4 thoughts on “Sigh, Mount Si

  1. Bravo for the attempt! I’ve wanted to hike Mt. Si for years. My brother has done it many times and calls it his favorite place in the whole Pacific Northwest. Take lots of pictures when you do it next time!

  2. Well then, my appetite is even keener. Part of the fun is being on a trail totally surrounded by woods (second-growth, but tall and healthy)–just knowing you’re getting to a height where the view’s going to be marvelous.

  3. My dad used to take me up Mt. Si when I was a kid. I think we climbed it four or five times. I remember him saying, “We’re almost there,” all the way up the mountain, whenever I’d complain. I’d love to go back as an adult and see if it still looks the same.

  4. Jenny–I’d imagine it’s much less daunting now. Lol about the “almost there”–my verbal prod was, “I have to keep moving because the mosquitoes find me whenever we stop, so come on!”

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