I’d rather not

…get a tetanus booster in the arm again, though I will in 10 years’ time. Maybe writing it down will lodge it in the old memory bank–I got a tetanus booster in August of 2009!

Next time, when the nurse says, “Hmm–we don’t have a record of you getting a tetanus booster. Has it been more than ten years?” I won’t blithely answer, “I’m sure it has. Let’s do it today, can we?” And then realize two days later, when my arm is swollen and cranky and ouchy, and my in-house doctor says, “Oh, yeah, that can happen when you get tetanus boosters closer than two years apart.”

Oh. Wait.

4 thoughts on “I’d rather not

  1. Ouch! I just had a tetanus booster in June (after slicing my finger on a broken glass plate). My are HURT so bad for days. No fun. Hope yours feels better soon.

  2. Thanks, Brooke. Maybe the reaction is something common then, and I just had no idea. Here’s to a tetanus-free decade for both of us!

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