San Juan, second visit

We’ve learned something. Never try to reprise a vacation, even to accommodate a child’s birthday request. The universe has a rule that the second time can never be as good as the first, and so we found the features of this trip shaping up like this:

The original plan was to visit the San Juans by boat, borrowed boat. Just after Blain had driven it out of the harbor, the engine failed spectacularly and completely. He got to row the boat back into the marina, while S. and I paced the dock thinking of lemonade.

Having lost a day of our vacation, we set out on Saturday and arrived at the campsite to find that there was a burn-ban because San Juan county has been so dry. No campfire, no roasted marshmallows, no hotdogs. Then all that saved-up rain decided to come down on us, making the second day there sopping wet and fairly close to miserable. Oh, and the mama in this family didn’t pack anyone’s pillows because the original plan included some backpacking. What was she thinking?

We went out to Lime Kiln State Park just like last year, twice during the 2 days we were there. Did we see whales? No, of course we didn’t. 🙂

There were some bright spots, as there always are.


Black oystercatcher off Haro Strait, at Lime Kiln State Park.


Were we closer to this marine mammal than 100 yards? Guilty. But we saw the sign on our way back up, and we won’t venture that close again, even if we hear another seal making really weird sounds.


It’s pretty cute, isn’t it?


What are the kids looking at?


Clouds of clear and white jellyfish off the Friday Harbor Marina dock.


And here’s the birthday girl’s hot chocolate.

San Juan, I still love you.

5 thoughts on “San Juan, second visit

  1. You’re so right about experiences never being as good the 2nd time around. It’s what motivates me to constantly find new experiences.

    And we got stuck camping in the rain last weekend too. Blech. Blech. Blech. We still had a great time, but occassionally it took sheer willpower to keep up a positive attitude. Thank goodness for kids; they are never bothered by weather. Great examples, and their enthusiasm in contagious!

  2. Vacations like that just make getting home all the nicer, eh? And now you have a memory to laugh about! San Juan still sounds wonderful to me though…

  3. Hi guys! Yeah, the kids really didn’t care too much that they didn’t have pillows or that it was pouring rain. They’re good sports that way.

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