Around the August garden

Some pretty stuff to look at and some pretty good eats:


This last one’s a peacock orchid, one of the new summer bulbs I tried out, and it’s a beaut!


Here’s our newest addition, a white wisteria. The idea is to train it to grow along the back of the deck close to the outdoor dining area, aka the walkout. I’m expecting curtains and fountains of fragrance come spring. Maybe a sash and a burble this first year.


I am so delighted with the haricot vert, Ed Hume’s French baby bush beans. They’ve been prolific and really good in Gujarati green beans, our favorite way to eat them.


And the bright lights chard has been a pot of old faithful for weeks now, putting me off lettuce growing probably forever.


Last year’s nasturtiums self-seeded themselves right under A’s pea trellis. Just as his sugar snap peas were giving up the ghost, the bright nasturtiums climbed up to take charge. Sweet vigorous things. Did you know that nasturtium literally mean “nose-twister” and they’re also a brassica (like broccoli)? Hmm, those two facts are related, methinks.

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