The inner life of the middle child

S. made this lovely sign for her bedroom door during quiet time yesterday:



1. Knock first
2. Clean People Only
3. No Wineing
4. No Screaming
5. No Yelling
6. No Hitting
7. No Begging

I think it’s safe to say that rules 3 through 7 were inspired by the little brother, and 2 applies to both her siblings (notorious muddle-makers both).  This sign is leaps and bounds more friendly than past signs she’s made, but still gets her point across: her bedroom is inviolable space.  We recently re-decorated it, and she takes great pleasure in keeping it tidy and nice.


Yesterday afternoon, S. took the dolls out for a tea party on the lawn, and when I swung by to say my hellos to the dollies, this was the scene:


I got a rare flash of the personalities S. sees/imbues these dolls with:

The first two dolls on the left, Emily and Kirsten, are fast friends, leaning back a bit after overindulging on cream puffs. Kate, the incorrigible dreamer, is lying back watching the clouds. China doll is sensitive and secretly quite playful, taking any chance she can get to spend time with her best friend, Redhead, who is the life of the party.

3 thoughts on “The inner life of the middle child

  1. I love rule #3. Does that mean she doesn’t want anyone sampling any Chardonnay in her room? 🙂

    I think I need a copy of this sign for my front door. It pretty much covers my feelings exactly.

  2. Her room is so beautiful – I still love the colors we chose for J’s room…i’m glad it’s worked out for S. too. I especially like the bed canopy. as far as the middle child thing goes…it reminds me of my childhood days. I had to have my own space and it had to be clean 🙂

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