3 hikes in Utah

A moderate one, an easy one, and a fairly strenuous one.

First, Farmington Canyon. We hiked this as part of my family reunion; age span was 6 months to 56 years. I was surprised to find the landscape so green–Utah has gotten some out-of-season rain lately, and the canyons are really gorgeous right now.


Some interesting geology shows up in the boulders along the trail:


Since the trail is creekside, with a pretty little waterfall at one point, we had dragonfly companions.


As you hike back down, you can see the salt flats stretching out in the distance. The view reminded us of a Uzilevsky.


The second hike was a short flight of steps up the side of Big Cottonwood Canyon, undertaken with the goal of having dinner at the picnic table, and one of my favorite spots in the world: Moss Ledge.



On Wednesday, B., a brother-in-law, and I hiked Mt. Timpanogos beginning at the Aspen Grove trailhead. We started at 7 am and returned 7 1/2 hours later–going from sea level to 11,000 feet in a week took my breath away, quite literally. We didn’t quite make the summit because the snow field stretches across the trail near the peak, but we were quite close–and it was spectacular.


Mount Timpanogos as seen from the Aspen Grove trailhead.


Looking back from fairly low on the trail, you can see the Heber Valley and the Uintas. As you climb higher, Deer Creek Reservoir comes into view as well.


Waterfalls you can walk behind!


We got lucky–some of the mountain goats ventured fairly close to us.


Above the tree line, you get rocks and snowfields. But coming back down again, I took time to really notice the wildflowers absolutely bursting with color all over the mountain.


4 thoughts on “3 hikes in Utah

  1. Beautiful pictures as always Ashley. Good job hiking Mt. Timpanogos! I did that back in high school and it was a challenge back then. Especially with the altitude change I’m surprised you fared so well.

  2. Hi Amber! Yeah, with breaks now and then, it really wasn’t so bad. Coming back down was harder on the joints; my ankles and hips complained for a day afterward. But it gave us ideas about hiking the Cascades here closer to home!

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