Fireworks over Eagle Harbor

Just after 9 tonight, we put our two kayaks in the water and paddled out to the middle of Eagle Harbor. The sunset was gorgeous tonight:


By the time twilight had settled around us, the boats in the harbor began honking, an echoing jubilation, a call and response, a chorus rising from an anchored society of beautiful seacrafts.

We watched the firework displays being set off by people all around the harbor’s edge, and then as we were paddling back for the night, the city’s display began. We drifted to a stop and watched the expanding rings of Saturn and the weeping willows burst and die.

Once we’d convinced the kids that it *really* was the grand finale, we turned again and headed for the putting-in place. I breathed in the cool, briny air stirred up by my paddles mixed with the deeper, sharper smell of fireworks and barbecue smoke. I felt deeply alive.



3 thoughts on “Fireworks over Eagle Harbor

  1. I loved the fireworks display over the water, even though we were sitting in the ferry parking lot rather than floating in the harbor. The weeping willows were my favorites. I just longed to reach out and stroke them; they looks so soft.

  2. Hi Amber and Brooke! What I didn’t mention is that A. was sitting with me in my kayak, wiggling for the last 20 minutes, trying to forget he had to pee. Kinda hard with the water all around.

    I kept saying, “You can hold it–Look! That one is so beautiful! It looks like a weeping willow, doesn’t it? You can hold it–Oh look at that one!”

    Maybe we’ll go for the parking lot next time, with proximity to bathrooms.

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