Silk log cabin quilt

Here’s the quilt I bought at the Rotary Auction, no provenance known.


It’s impossible for me to get a picture of it without the light in the way, now that we’ve hung it high on a wall. That was the evening’s adventure. Here’s how crazy resourceful B. is:






6 thoughts on “Silk log cabin quilt

  1. Please notice, dear readers, that the platform was nicely secured with rope (as you can see), and screws (which you can’t see). 🙂

  2. It is beautiful. You didn’t mention what you paid for it! That is half the fun of Rotary. can’t wait to hear.

  3. $65! OMG! You got more than a great steal…I would estimate that quilt to be worth $500 to $1000 at a minimum. It is exquisite. Any idea how old it is? Courthouse steps on that small of scale takes a lot of time to complete. Another question…handpieced or machine pieced? Handquilted, machine quilted, or tied? It’s hard to tell in the picture.

    Oh, you won’t miss Okanogan this weekend! It is hot, hot, hot over here! We will be spending a week in Seattle in late July to help with final preparations for our son’s wedding (Sunset Hill Park–July 25) and I’m looking forward to the more moderate temps of Seattle. I’m sure the kids will have a long list of chores however…. 🙂 Between now and then I have to finish machine quilting their wedding gift myself. Time is running short………….. Ack!

  4. Hi Twigs, good luck getting that quilt done!

    I’ve taken a good look at my quilt, and it’s completely hand-pieced, and hand-quilted on the borders, tied in the main section with hidden ties (visible on the back but not the front).

    I don’t know how old it is–the silk is fraying and brittle in places, so that gives me some indication, but I don’t have the fabric expertise to know where that places us.

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