The Idaho in me

My potato patch:


I should have grabbed A. to be my scale reference–these vigorous monsters are up to his shoulders. I’m thinking they like the bunny-dropping fertilizer I treat them to.


I dug some of the new potatoes, both reds and golds, and made potatoes and peas in chive cream sauce for dinner. Was there ever a happier gardener? I don’t think so.

3 thoughts on “The Idaho in me

  1. I love your gardens. I have thought about trying potatoes, but honestly dont know how to do potatoes. Next year perhaps. Tim mentioned you and he share a common friend… I forget her name now though. Anyhoo… its a small world. Hope you are well.

    K (ps, will you email me your home address for my address book. I dont seem to have it.)

  2. Hi Kari and Brooke, potatoes have been super simple so far. When fall comes and we see what the end result is, I’ll put up a start-to-finish recap.

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