Acquiring more stuff, nearly (guilt)-free

Our morning’s loot from the Rotary rummage sale and auction:

1 old silk quilt (it’s beautiful, naturlich, and reminded me of my other one. Two makes me a collector of old silk quilts, I guess). I came in with the top bid of $65. I’ll post a picture once I have it hanging.

1 one-person kayak, bright yellow. The live auction ended with our bid at $185 and some jubliance among the kids.

1 Razor scooter, $10, to be shared amongst the kids. How well this will work: to be seen.

1 $12 bag o’books, containing some gems like O Pioneers, 4 Madeleine L’Engles, Wind in the Willows.

Some electronic equipment that is completely B’s department, and a whole passel of lacrosse sticks.

Good haul, huh? My garage-sailing cousin A. should visit me for next year’s auction–this is a gargantuan garage sale complete with speed boats, beds, and bombastic announcers. It’s great.

5 thoughts on “Acquiring more stuff, nearly (guilt)-free

  1. You scored! I’m impressed with the kayak.

    We mainly stocked up on sports stuff – cleats, roller blades, more cleats, a soccer bag, a 3rd pair of cleats . . . and, of course, some books & clothes.

    It’s amazing to me how much I LOVE the Rotary Auction, considering I have huge issues with crowds. But I just love the energy & excitement of it every year.

  2. Hi Suzanne! Come on up and use the kayak!

    It was great to see you there, Brooke! The crowds had gotten to me by the time I made it to the clothing tables, unfortunately. I saw Jared in the sporting goods room, and he greeted me and talked with me like an adult. I’m so impressed by your boy.

  3. Garage sales are one of my passions. You have some fabulous finds. One day hopefully sooner rather than later we can make a trip out there.

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