A riot of wonder

“The campus is a riot of wonderful natural life” –Theodore Roethke, on UW (p. 105 On Sacred Ground by Nicholas O’Connell)

Yesterday afternoon at UW I found a magical scene: the quad was in full bloom with Yoshino cherry blossoms (2 weeks late, or just on time for me) and alive with students aware of the beauty around them. I laid down on my back in a sunny patch of grass and let the petals drift onto my face, my hands, my legs.

The windows of the music building were open and the sound of a rehearsing choir floated by on the odd breeze; to my left, soft chords from a guitar and frisbees crossed the air.

So many students had cameras and I wished I had mine too (if the blossoms will wait until Wednesday, I’ll be back to capture the scene)–but the experience was fully, robustly, 3-dimensional. I’ve rarely been struck by such a sense of beauty and possibility and life.


2 thoughts on “A riot of wonder

  1. I love this time of year in the quad. I fondly remember when Brad and I were newly married, laying together under the blossoming cherry trees, listening to the music from practicing students. Pure bliss!

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