Reading material for the road

We’ve got a road trip coming soon, and since 80% of us are readers (leaving one little boy who likes picture books and letters so far) that means nearly 24 hours of reading time in the next 4 or 5 days.

The girls are hilariously obsessed with Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac, so we’ll surely find a spot for my big encyclopedia of all things Feng Shui–(and BTW, I’m totally the dragon description. S. is a dragon too, so that explains a lot of why she’s a chip off the old block, right?)

Last week I stopped in at Magus Books, a well-stocked, stacked-to-the-ceiling, might-find-anything sort of used bookstore in the U district and bought enough books to fill my backpack to bursting. I think some of those books are coming with us as early Christmas presents. I bought our current read-aloud there: The Railway Children, by E. Nesbit (scored a beautiful folio edition).

Also on the packing list:
A few weeks’ worth of New Yorkers to catch up on
The west-E study guide (I’m gonna read that one aloud until the groans drown me out)

Wish us luck and nary a moment of car-sickness!

4 thoughts on “Reading material for the road

  1. So, I guess you guys are in Seattle, WA? My wife’s sister lives in the Seattle area (he’s a realtor) and we’re going there for the week of Christmas. I guess you’ll be out of town during that time? It would be nice to see you guys over lunch or something if you’re in town?

    — Adam

  2. Island living seems to fit your family like a glove. Abe’s parents served as mission presidents in Everett, WA and we spent several days on San Juan, and other islands. I always thought it would be so different and amazing to live there. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous as I’m still stuck here in the desert after all these years, but so happy to have found a way to stay in touch. I am glad you are all doing well. – Kim Ashton

  3. Hi Kim! The desert has its charms too, especially in the winter. We’ll be in AZ for a couple of weeks this winter, and I’m looking forward to the sunshine and early-morning desert hikes!

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