Gazzam Lake in November



We’ve tramped the trail before, never reaching the lake for one reason or another. Today we walked the ring-like trail with the lake lying like a dark diamond in a beautiful setting. It took us about an hour to make the full loop, with time to take in the scents, sounds, and sights of a quiet shore in the depth of autumn.

Oh, and the kids didn’t miss the signs at the entrance advising us that bears, coyotes, and spotted owls have been sighted in the area. You can be sure that we heard lots of bears. Or at least a vibrant discussion on what exactly to do when confronted by a bear.


3 thoughts on “Gazzam Lake in November

  1. I love reading your words. Makes me feel like I am there, and I am anxious to return. Glad you had a good time at M’s house. I miss you all.

  2. Confession: I haven’t yet hiked Gazzam Lake because I’m nervous about bears. Even though I know it’s silly, I haven’t found the gumption to do it yet. Maybe your safe trip there will finally inspire me to go for it. (BTW, what DO you do when confronted by a bear?)

  3. Hi Kari! We miss you too.

    Hi Brooke! Though we all had lots of good, not-so-good, and downright ridiculous ideas, B and K looked it up when we got home. Here’s what you do: don’t surprise the bear, so make plenty of noise (not a problem for us), and when confronted, raise your hands up high (so you look big) and walk backwards while talking to it. Now go have a fear-free hike! 🙂

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