In praise of artisanal ice cream

The last time I visited Mora, I’d had a hearty dinner and the weather was dicey.

Go hungry on a hot day and singing angels appear as they hand you your cone. My coconut ice cream was by far the best I’ve ever had, creamy and chock full of fresh coconut. B’s chai ice cream was perfectly spicy and sweet, and best of all for him, they make gluten-free waffle cones!

K. got strawberry and A. got raspberry ice cream–both of them tasting just like fresh berries and cream. Soft frozen, atop a cone. I didn’t taste the rest of the kids’; they were busy talking to a couple of dog owners who’d brought their animals along to Mora. These weren’t ordinary dogs; they were puppies in training to be guide dogs, and the owners/trainers were quite friendly and told the kids all about training the dogs.

Meanwhile, I kicked back on a sunny bench and licked my platonic ideal of an ice cream cone and savored the moment.


One thought on “In praise of artisanal ice cream

  1. Coconut is my favorite! I always taste a few other flavors at Mora and try to branch out, but usually end up with Coconut and it never disappoints!

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