A plot of earth in April

I harvested the first crop of spring spinach from the garden this afternoon. We put up this almost invisible lightweight deer netting last month, and it’s done the trick! I feel crazy clever.

Buoyed by my agricultural success, I decided to make a spinach lasagne for dinner:

The bowl contains chopped spinach, ricotta cheese, shredded Romano, minced garlic, and onion (I’ll leave the onion out next time, actually; the kids weren’t exactly begging for more onion). A jar of basil and tomato pasta sauce, whole wheat lasagna noodles, and lots of grated mozerella ed è squisito!


5 thoughts on “A plot of earth in April

  1. That looks amazing! I hope it tasted as good as it looks!!

    Makes me want some lasagna right now. Oh…it’s only 9:30am? That’s okay! It’s a good mid-morning snack, right? 😉

  2. Yum! You’ll have to share the recipe. I planted spinach, but just a few weeks ago. How early did you plant yours? Yours did wonderfully…I wonder if I planted mine too late?

  3. Jenny,
    If the weather cooperates, I think you can grow spinach year-round here! I planted winter/spring spinach in March, but could have done it much earlier (it just grows slowly). I’ll be putting in some heat-tolerant summer spinach toward the end of this month too.

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