Sunday stroll at the Bloedel Reserve

I’ve heard it’s one of the island’s gems, but hadn’t visited before today. The Bloedel Reserve is tremendously beautiful, burgeoning with native plants and birds, coming alive with spring and the promise of summer.

We saw a very regal-looking heron:

and a sleeping swan:

Here’s K. and S. under a magnificent magnolia:

Here’s Grandpa D. and S.

Here’s part of the zen garden:

The skunk cabbage was rife, ripe, and redolent:


2 thoughts on “Sunday stroll at the Bloedel Reserve

  1. The girls got haircuts! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them without long hair either in braids or pigtails….SO adorable.

  2. They did! S’s haircut was begged for; K’s was imposed by maternal fiat. (Curly hair’s a beast to brush 🙂

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