Oh (serendipitous) snap!

Earlier this week, I was tuning my cello and snapped the A string. Since I didn’t have any extra strings, and I didn’t know how to restring, anyway, I took it in to Steve at Peninsula Violin. He put a set of D’Addario Helicore strings on, and they sound way better than the ones my rental cello came with. Much less metallic, much more mellow.

That change, in addition to the bridge work and lowering the strings, has made my cello feel and sound like a different instrument! I can’t say enough good about Steve; he showed me how to restring and correct the tension on the bridge (which was a revelation to novice me; I thought the bridge was fixed rather than floating), and he answered each and every one of A.’s questions about the infinitely interesting tools in his shop. He’s got a 4-year-old apprentice anytime he wants!

I was trying to focus on the rosin dust near the bridge; even this ephemera delights me. Probably because, unlike with violins, it falls on the floor instead of on me.



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