A few restaurant reviews

First, C’est la Vie! Crepes de Paris. A. and I walked from library storytime to this little cafe for lunch today. I’m glad to see that they’ve added a children’s sized (and priced) crepe menu. A. loved his classic sugar crepe and asked for another. Another day, I told him. Spread the pleasure out.

In the future I’ll steer clear of the quiche (the puff-pastry crust was soggy) but their dessert crepes are tres bien.

Gandhi’s remains my favorite restaurant, my standby if I don’t want to cook dinner. Favorites: palak paneer, chicken korma, vegetable korma. They even made saag paneer for us when we noted that it wasn’t on the menu. Kids’ favorite: butter chicken.

A close second is Sawatdy’s Thai restaurant, which has excellent pad Thai and beef paneng.

Cafe Nola is a nice dinner date place; I wouldn’t eat outside again because of the nearby traffic (car exhaust can absolutely murder one’s appetite) but I would order their spring rolls again. Yum! Inventive salads, too.

The Big Star Diner is about 3 steps away from the Children’s Discovery Museum, and the french fry-rich atmosphere on arriving or leaving induces my kids to beg like starving puppies. A couple of times I’ve caved, and well, it is what it is. It’s a restored dining car with lots of character and comfort food.

Bainbridge Bakers has these really great savory cheese twists with tons of herbs and flavor. The trick with this place is to go early, because I’ve found myself unreasonably disappointed, at say, 11 am.

Blackbird Bakery: they have a few gluten-free offerings (such a treat for B.) and really good lavender lemonade.

Mora Ice Creamery has utterly gourmet, utterly delicious ice cream. The one time B. and I went, he had Marron Glace (French hazlenuts), and I had Sabayon (egg and marsala wine custard). Maybe it was just me, but it was too, too sweet. But they have an icecream list a mile long, so I’ll be back and I’ll take my chances.


3 thoughts on “A few restaurant reviews

  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. Love the food coverage you’re doing! You should definitely try Mora’s again. I am sure they could suggest a flavor that would make you happy. They are generous with the samples, too!

    We just went to Salmon Canyon Cafe. Have you tried that? It had a good lunch. I have not tried the breakfast yet. It’s next to Sawan’s Thai Kitchen which is also good and both have a playground for kiddies, too!

  2. Hi, Wendy! Glad you’ve found me, and I love your blog! I haven’t tried the Salmon Canyon Cafe, but I will–there are lots of places I still have to try. Thanks for the suggestion!

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