I drown it in soup


A warm, savory soup has never been so welcome! Still under the weather, with a nip in the air and rain on its way, I enjoyed a bowl of B’s pumpkin soup for dinner tonight. (Getting the kids to appreciate the sweet-savory subtleties of squash soup is another story…)

Here’s his slap-dash recipe:

1 butternut squash
2 pie pumpkins
1 32-oz box of vegetable broth
1 32-oz box of chicken broth (use only 3/4 of the box)
4 Tbsp butter
1 c. milk
2 cloves minced garlic
3 tsp.salt
dash pepper
1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Cut squash into pieces, scoop out seeds, trim rind off, and microwave until tender (about 10 min for each squash).
Pop them in the blender along with some vegetable/chicken broth (do this in several batches). Pour the puree into a stockpot and add the rest of the broth and the remaining ingredients. Simmer for an hour on very low heat.

We had crunchy garlic bread with ours; I think some cold apple cider would be great with it too.


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