Outing: Kayaking Eagle Harbor once again

This time it was in this super-long 3-person kayak, so A___ could come along.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful; I was disappointed at first to have to stay in the harbor (the Back of Beyond owner didn’t want us taking A___ out in 15-20 knot wind outside the harbor) but it was a great workout of 1 1/2 hours in cool wind and bright sunshine!

We saw several cormorants flapping their wings in a gentle, humorous way–sometimes the movements were vigorous, but more often it was just the wing tips that would flap, suggesting an elderly bird with tremors. I imagine they were drying their feathers and soaking up the sun, just like us.

This one looks like a double-crested cormorant.


2 thoughts on “Outing: Kayaking Eagle Harbor once again

  1. Dear and honoured Kayak Friend,
    My name is Peter and I’m living in Switzerland. On a picture from Sept 2009 you got what you called “super-long 3-person Kayak” which has got a mid-cockpit that is somewhat higher than what you find on any other 3-pers kayak. I’ve been sketching on such models but never found a retail product.
    -I’m very interested in this model and would most kindly like to ask you what the model name and manufacturer is.
    Don’t know if this mail will reach you, but hope on good luck.

    Thanks in advance and enjoy the indian summer!
    Best regards

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