In Praise of Indoor Pools

My take on swim lessons at the Aquatic Center:


*no sunblock necessary–no chance of sunburns!
*warm water
*fun, capable teachers


*breathing chlorine-rich air for the duration of my kids’ swimming lessons isn’t the most pleasant thing, but there’s no way around that one.

*when I signed the girls up for swimming lessons I misjudged their abilities by one class; there’s no refund or recourse if their teacher says they should be moved down a class. So K___ has to miss out on swimming lessons; luckily, there was a spot for S___.

My favorite thing is watching the contrast between the four-year-old class, and the aquatic aerobic class for ladies of mature age–the time for both classes overlaps, so you get these wriggling, splashing, delighted children learning to swim just a few feet away from the dignified swoops and stretches of wise grandmas.


2 thoughts on “In Praise of Indoor Pools

  1. Have you seen any of the elderly class participants using snorkeling equipment during the aquatic aerobic classes? (just wondering if you were having a similar experience as we soak up the sun at the Leisure World pool). We also enjoy watching them net dead bugs from the water as they walk back and forth across the width of the pool enjoying the contents of the nets once they are filled. Saying “ooh, look at this one, it has a shiny stripe on the back of its thorax.”

  2. That’s hilarious, Colby. It totally reinforces the connection between the elderly and children–both seem to be able to slow down and examine the world on a close level. That can be good and bad, I think!

    But, no, the women’s aerobic class doesn’t go in above their shoulders. Using snorkeling equipment would be a fun thing, though these ladies don’t seem to be into getting their coifs wet.

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